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Install Ubuntu 10.10 desktop on Asus Eee PC 1015PEM


Thanks to Technology blog finally I install Ubuntu 10.10 desktop on my new Netbook but there are some tip that i want to say:
  • At the beginning of the installation checked this "tick this box to install the software for this functionality"

  •  After complete installation , wireless does not work , you must update your Ubuntu with update manager and then install the Broadcom STA wireless drivers with additional driver menu.
  • If you want to have more battery you can use power management tools like Jupiter

have a nice time.

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Programming languages benchmark

As a software engineer , it is important to know , Which programming language is best (from several aspect).  This site give us very useful information about programming language. We can compare programming language with several benchmark algorithm.

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i am frustrated ...

Hi guys

I am frustrated. In all the word , blogging is a most important thing for sharing knowledge and opinions but in my country (Iran) , the most popular blogging services (blogger & wordpress) are blocked (filtered) and people in Iran cant access to these services.

have a nice time.
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