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Integration test for GWT + Spring web applications

Testing (unit or integration) GWT applications has several difficulties, recently i have meet a Java testing framework for GWT applications (gwt-test-utils), this library provides utilities for both unit test and integration test.
I like "GWT + Spring web application testing" feature of this library. Unfortunately the spring-sample of this project in github was not complete, I forked it in my github account. You can get it from this link and see how to integration test GWT + Spring web applications using gwt-test-utils.

Have a nice time.
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سعید زرین فام

My favorite software stack in Linux

Finally  i decided to install Fedora 17 on my darling VAIO (about 2 month ago until now !!!). In this post i am going to describe about my favorite software in Linux world and why i like them.

Desktop Environment
I choose Gnome 3 with gnome shell, because of its active and rapid community and its feature like animation effects, text scaling factor and ...

Photo Viewer
I use Shotwell,  because i can easily see and edit (specially crop) my picture using it.

Music Player
I love Amarok, because of its capability to store my listening history in file or database (like MySQL).

Video Player
I use VLC, because it support almost all media format.

Text Editor
I love Kate (and also Geany), because it is not a text editor! it is a simple and fast IDE............

Web Browser
Firefox is my choose, because it renders almost all Persian sites easily and i would like its sync feature and without any doubt with Firefox i have a dozen useful plugins.

I always select Pidgin, it is very handy.

Clipboard Manager
I have been using ClipIt, it is very lightweight.

File Manager
Nautilus,  it isn't the best but is enough for me.

Power Management
I do not believe power manager software but i think jupiter is good.

Have a nice time.

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GWT code splitting with activities and places

GWT activities and places do not work with gwt code splitting facility. Recently i have changed GWT activities and places sample so that it works with GWT code splitting feature and push the new sample into github.
In this sample, split points occur on getting activity by ActivityMapper, i write a new kind of ActivityMapper called AsyncActivityMapper which can get activities asynchronous, and also i write a new kind of ActivityManager called AsyncActivityManager (copy and paste gwt ActivityManager class with minor changes) that work with AsyncActivityMapper.

Have a nice time.
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سعید زرین فام