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How can we run the SWT Browser inside Eclipse on Fedora 17-64 bit

When you work with eclipse 64 bit on fedora 17-64 bit and JDK 64 bit, you can not use internal SWT web browser inside eclipse (and also some plugins features like GPE gwt uibinder designer or Vaadin visual user interface designer  which use this facility ) for solving this issue you can follow this steps:
  1. Run "sudo yum install webkitgtk" command from terminal.
  2. Go to "eclipse.ini" file (located in the root of eclipse installation directory) and add "-Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.UseWebKitGTK=true" at the end of this file.
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Creating mobile web application using GWT without any third party library

Recently, i am working on a small project for producing a mobile web application using GWT. I have read lots of advises and subjects about this, there are several third party library (like mgwt, SmartGWT.mobile and ...) which can do this but for right to left considerations i would like to use pure GWT. After several days i find some useful tips:
  • Use MVP pattern for building Device-specific UIs.
  • Use formfactor property in Deferred binding or FormFactor module to select best UI for client device (tablets, phones and ..).
  • Use DockLayoutPanel as much as possible for better layouting.
  • Capture and respond to device orientation changes using ResizeHandlers.
  • Use GWT's Client Bundle to batch resource fetches for increase responsiveness.
  • Use Code Splitting to grab only the code you need to minimize startup time.
  • Use Application Cache (HTML5 feature) for Loading resources like HTML, CSS, and JS from disk.
  • Use HTML5 local storage feature for working without connection and reading/writing data into local database.
You can get this pdf and also see this link to see several useful tips, there is also a good chapter in this book about building mobile application using GWT.

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