Hi all,

This is a common problem for KDE newcomers. This is because of default value in KDE Global Keyboard Shortcuts. By default "Ctrl + F4" keyboard shortcut assign to "Switch to Desktop 4" action in KDE Global Keyboard Shortcuts and then if you have 4 virtual desktop (or more) in your KDE desktop, "Ctrl + F4" bring you to 4th desktop and if not it does not do anything !
To solve this problem (if it is a real problem for you like me), you have to assign another keyboard shortcut to "Switch to Desktop 4" action:
  1. Open KDE Global Keyboard Shortcuts program.
  2. From KDE component combo box select "KWin".
  3. In the search text box type "switch to desktop".
  4. Finally, in the search result lest, reassign another keyboard shortcut to "Switch to Desktop 4" action.
have a nice time.