Finally  i decided to install Fedora 17 on my darling VAIO (about 2 month ago until now !!!). In this post i am going to describe about my favorite software in Linux world and why i like them.

Desktop Environment
I choose Gnome 3 with gnome shell, because of its active and rapid community and its feature like animation effects, text scaling factor and ...

Photo Viewer
I use Shotwell,  because i can easily see and edit (specially crop) my picture using it.

Music Player
I love Amarok, because of its capability to store my listening history in file or database (like MySQL).

Video Player
I use VLC, because it support almost all media format.

Text Editor
I love Kate (and also Geany), because it is not a text editor! it is a simple and fast IDE............

Web Browser
Firefox is my choose, because it renders almost all Persian sites easily and i would like its sync feature and without any doubt with Firefox i have a dozen useful plugins.

I always select Pidgin, it is very handy.

Clipboard Manager
I have been using ClipIt, it is very lightweight.

File Manager
Nautilus,  it isn't the best but is enough for me.

Power Management
I do not believe power manager software but i think jupiter is good.

Have a nice time.